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Licensed & Insured

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Emergency Plumbers

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Our mission is to provide dependable plumbing services with integrity to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

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We strive to be Sacramento County's most trusted and reliable plumbing service provider.


With decades of experience, we consistently deliver dependable plumbing solutions that you can rely on.

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We Clear Your Drains, Not Your Wallet

We provide top-notch services with premium products without burning a hole in your pocket. We prevent these potentially expensive repairs by utilizing our state of the art technique hydro-jetting technique instead.

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom plumbing is the backbone of comfort and convenience in any home or business. From providing clean water for bathing and…

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Video Camera Inspection

Are you dealing with a mysterious blockage or an unknown leak that is spiking your water bills? These problems can…

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Drain Cleaning

Does your bathtub or sink refuse to drain? Are you having issues with dirty water backing up into your fixtures? Clogged…

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Expansion Tanks

Did you turn on your kitchen faucet and suddenly hear a loud bang from within your walls? Plumbers call this alarming…

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Faucet Replacement

Water: we use it for drinking, cleaning, showering, cooking, and more, but how often do we think about how we get…

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Garbage Disposals

No one likes to have scrap food stanching up the kitchen, which is why a kitchen sink garbage disposal installation is…

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Gas Line Repair

Did you wake up to the faint smell of gas in your home? Your first thoughts likely swirl around the safety…

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Main Water Lines

Did you wake up to a flooded front yard or a severe drop in water pressure? These issues might spoil your…

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Are you fed up with the weak flow of your water? Have you encountered backups more often than you’d like? These…

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Pipe Replacement

Plumbing pipes are snaking through the walls and floors of our buildings as well as underground outside, but they are out…

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Kitchen Plumbing

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. If so, then the plumbing system is the arteries and veins.…

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Plumbing Repair

Has your water pressure dropped to a trickle? Has a pipe burst, flooding your basement? If you're facing such problems, it's…

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Trenchless & Traditional Sewer Repair 

Are you struggling with a terrible smell wafting through your home or seeing suspicious puddles forming in your yard? These unwelcome…

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Sump Pump Replacement

Imagine this: you're cozy in your basement on a rainy day, maybe watching the game or working on a hobby. Suddenly,…

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Toilet Replacement

As mundane and humble as it is, the toilet does require some care and attention. Otherwise, you could end up needing…

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Water Heaters

Are you worried that something might be wrong with your water heater? The team at Acknowledge Plumbing is here to…

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Tub & Shower Repair

Have you been struggling with a stubborn shower leak or a bathtub drain that just won't clear? These annoying issues…

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Irrigation Systems

Do you want to keep your lawn and garden lush and vibrant, thriving through the heat of summer and the dry…

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Septic Replacement

From unexpected backups to soggy lawns, the signs of a failing septic system can disrupt your daily routine and lead to…

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ADU & Additions

When expanding your living space with an Accessory Dwelling Unit or a new home addition, dealing with the complexities of plumbing…

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Leak Detection

Water leaks, whether apparent or hidden, are a homeowner's nightmare. They can silently erode the structural integrity of a property, damage…

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Professional Plumbing Services in Sacramento County

At Acknowledge Plumbing, our team of experienced plumbers remains dedicated to delivering reliable and affordable solutions for all your plumbing needs. Whether it's a simple repair, a complex installation, or routine maintenance tasks, we are committed to making sure that your home or business operates smoothly. We know the unique plumbing challenges faced by our community and are here to offer expert advice and quality service with a smile.

Acknowledge Plumbing is your partner in maintaining clear and efficient plumbing systems. Contact us today to schedule plumbing repair or installation services to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly and your living environment healthy and comfortable.

Locally Owned Locally Owned

We are a locally owned and operated plumbing service provider.

24-Hour Service 24-Hour Service

We offer 24-hour emergency residential & commercial service.

Plumbing Services

What People Say About Us

Our kitchen drain was draining directly under the house creating a small lake of soap and mud. Several plumbers were called but all were a week or more out. We reached out to a lesser known company, Acknowledge Plumbing, and within a coupe of hours, we had a plumber on site and the problem resolved. It turns out some rodent(s) chewed through the coupling causing the discharge under the house. We are grateful to Acknowledge for their quick response, professional service, and friendly interaction.We are saving their number for any future plumbing problems that may arise. We were very satisfied with this company and highly recommend them to anyone with plumbing issues.

David Kistler

Citrus Heights, CA

Felix came out to work on my reverse osmosis system. It turned out I need new system but he was thorough, explained everything in detail, and was reasonably priced. I've already teed him up for my next plumbing project. I highly recommend Felix and the Acknowledge Plumbing team.

Brady Turner

Roseville, CA

Called Acknowledge Plumbing to fix an issue with my water pressure & piping. Steve came out the next day to provide a free estimate. He was very knowledgeable and provided some cost saving options to try before needing to do major work. Greatly appreciate the responsiveness & ability to act and respond in the best interest of the customer from this company. Definitely will give them a call for future plumbing needs.

Mark Messenger

Auburn, CA

We had an urgent need for help with our water heater on a holiday weekend (is was leaking and needed to be replaced). We were not optimistic that we would get anyone to answer a call, let alone make availability for a service call. Not only did Acknowledge Plumbing pick up the phone, but Savina was stellar in finding us a tech for the same day, and provided updates on her progress in near real time - this is highly unusual these days. Felix connected with us, discussed options for a new unit, procured it and arrived the same day. He was a pleasure to have so the work and got the whole project turned around that afternoon. They are at the top of our virtual Rolodex.

Kent Seymour

Folsom, CA

Plumbing Services for Realtors

At Acknowledge Plumbing, we understand the unique needs of real estate professionals. Realtors play an important role in connecting buyers with their future homes, and ensuring that these properties are in pristine condition is essential for a smooth transaction. Our specialized plumbing services for realtors are designed to address these needs. We provide thorough plumbing inspections to identify any issues that could impact the sale of a property. Our detailed reports highlight necessary repairs and offer solutions to ensure the plumbing system is in great condition. Doing so helps realtors present properties confidently and avoid surprises during the sale process.

In addition to inspections, we offer pre-sale plumbing repairs and upgrades to improve the value and appeal of the property. From fixing leaks and clogs to upgrading fixtures and appliances, our services ensure that the plumbing system is functional, modern, and efficient. These improvements can substantially boost a property's marketability. Our team recognizes the time-sensitivity of real estate deals, and we aim to deliver services to meet tight timelines and address any last-minute needs. Whether you need an emergency repair or a routine inspection, we ensure that our plumbing services are delivered swiftly so that realtors and their clients achieve successful transactions.

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Acknowledge Plumbing is available for emergency services, even on nights and weekends.

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