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Plumbing for ADU & Additions

When expanding your living space with an Accessory Dwelling Unit or a new home addition, dealing with the complexities of plumbing can be overwhelming. Are you worried about how the new plumbing will integrate with your current system? Maybe you're unsure about space management or the red tape of permits and regulations. At Acknowledge Plumbing, we provide reliable solutions to streamline your project.

Planning Your Plumbing System for an ADU

Planning the plumbing for an ADU requires a detailed approach to ensure functionality. Start by considering the layout of your ADU and how it will connect to existing water and sewage lines. It’s important to assess the capacity of your current system to handle the increased demand. For new constructions, opting for modern fixtures like low-flow toilets and showerheads can reduce water usage without sacrificing performance. We specialize in designing plumbing systems that are sustainable, cost-effective, and customized to your specific needs.

Regulations and Permits for Plumbing in New Additions

Before breaking ground on your new addition, you’ll want to understand the local building codes and obtain the necessary permits. Plumbing regulations can vary by location and often involve specific requirements for pipe materials, venting systems, and water heater installations. Handling these regulations can be complex, but our plumbers stay ahead of all local codes to ensure your project meets all legal standards. 


Space-Saving Plumbing Solutions for Small Additions

Utilizing space efficiently is a priority in smaller ADUs or additions. Innovative solutions such as tankless water heaters, which provide hot water on demand without the bulk of a storage tank, can free up valuable space. Compact fixtures designed for small bathrooms and kitchens can also maximize the area while maintaining full functionality. Our specialists can implement these space-saving solutions and ensure that even the smallest addition feels spacious and fully equipped.

Integrating New Plumbing with Existing Systems

Integrating new plumbing lines with your existing system poses unique challenges, particularly in older homes where outdated pipes might need upgrading to handle additional capacity. Our plumbers excel in evaluating your current system and making necessary adjustments to ensure that new and old plumbing work in harmony. Whether it involves replacing old pipes with corrosion-resistant materials or adjusting water pressure, we are committed to ensuring a seamless integration that upholds the integrity of your entire plumbing system.


Our kitchen drain was draining directly under the house creating a small lake of soap and mud. Several plumbers were called but all were a week or more out. We reached out to a lesser known company, Acknowledge Plumbing, and within a coupe of hours, we had a plumber on site and the problem resolved. It turns out some rodent(s) chewed through the coupling causing the discharge under the house. We are grateful to Acknowledge for their quick response, professional service, and friendly interaction.We are saving their number for any future plumbing problems that may arise. We were very satisfied with this company and highly recommend them to anyone with plumbing issues.

David Kistler

Citrus Heights, CA

Felix came out to work on my reverse osmosis system. It turned out I need new system but he was thorough, explained everything in detail, and was reasonably priced. I've already teed him up for my next plumbing project. I highly recommend Felix and the Acknowledge Plumbing team.

Brady Turner

Roseville, CA

Called Acknowledge Plumbing to fix an issue with my water pressure & piping. Steve came out the next day to provide a free estimate. He was very knowledgeable and provided some cost saving options to try before needing to do major work. Greatly appreciate the responsiveness & ability to act and respond in the best interest of the customer from this company. Definitely will give them a call for future plumbing needs.

Mark Messenger

Auburn, CA

We had an urgent need for help with our water heater on a holiday weekend (is was leaking and needed to be replaced). We were not optimistic that we would get anyone to answer a call, let alone make availability for a service call. Not only did Acknowledge Plumbing pick up the phone, but Savina was stellar in finding us a tech for the same day, and provided updates on her progress in near real time - this is highly unusual these days. Felix connected with us, discussed options for a new unit, procured it and arrived the same day. He was a pleasure to have so the work and got the whole project turned around that afternoon. They are at the top of our virtual Rolodex.

Kent Seymour

Folsom, CA

Common Plumbing Challenges in Home Additions and How to Solve Them

Home additions often come with their share of plumbing challenges, such as inconsistent water pressure, inadequate drainage, or temperature fluctuations in water supply. Such issues typically stem from an underestimation of the new addition's impact on the existing plumbing system. We use advanced diagnostic tools to precisely assess and address these challenges. Installing water pressure boosters, additional vents, or upgraded piping are all ways to ensure that your expanded home delivers consistent performance across all plumbing fronts.

Do You Need Plumbing Services for Your ADU? 

While the process of adding an ADU or expanding your home with a new addition involves considerable planning, choosing the right plumbing company can make a big difference. Let us help you realize your home’s full potential. Reach out to Acknowledge Plumbing today to schedule your appointment. 


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