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Leak Detection in Orangevale, CA

Do you hear a faint, persistent dripping sound that echoes through the house? This could be a sign of a hidden slab leak wreaking havoc beneath your foundation. At Acknowledge Plumbing, we understand how distressing undiscovered leaks can be. That's why we offer state-of-the-art water leak detection in Orangevale, California. Whether you’re struggling with a large basement leak or a small fixture issue, it’s important to identify and resolve these issues quickly. So call our specialists at the first sign of trouble. 

Residential vs. Commercial Leak Detection

Detecting leaks in residential and commercial properties might seem similar, but each presents unique challenges and requires distinct approaches. Residential leak detection often focuses on common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and plumbing systems inside the house. Homeowners are usually the first to notice signs of a kitchen sink leak, such as an unexpected increase in water bills or the sound of running water when all taps are closed. In contrast, commercial leak detection can be more complicated because of the size of commercial plumbing systems. Businesses may face leaks in large-scale piping systems, heating and cooling systems, and even in landscaping irrigation. These systems require specialized tools and techniques for effective detection and repair, which is why it’s so important to hire a knowledgeable professional.

Steps to Take When You Suspect a Leak

If you suspect a pipe or toilet leak in your home or business, acting quickly can minimize damage and potentially reduce repair costs. Here’s what you should do:

  • Check Your Water Meter: Turn off all water-using appliances and taps, and watch your meter. If it keeps running, you likely have a leak.
  • Examine Fixtures and Appliances: Look for obvious signs of a bathroom or kitchen sink leak like puddles, damp cabinets, or dripping faucets. Sometimes, the culprit is simply a worn-out washer or a loose connection.
  • Use Your Ears: Sometimes, the sound of running water can help you pinpoint the location of less obvious issues like a basement leak. 
  • Call the Professionals: If you can’t find the leak or it’s inaccessible, it’s time to call in the experts from Acknowledge Plumbing. We use advanced technologies like acoustic sensors and thermal imaging to detect hidden leaks without disruptive digging or drilling.

The Link Between Water Pressure and Leaks

High water pressure might feel great in the shower, but it can put undue stress on your home’s plumbing infrastructure. Over time, this pressure can cause joints, pipes, and fixtures to fail, leading to leaks. It’s important to have your water pressure tested, especially if you notice recurring leaks, bursts of water when you turn on taps, or a persistent hammering noise in your pipes. Adjusting the pressure can help prevent future leaks and extend the life of your plumbing system.

How Leaks Can Affect Home Inspections

When you’re selling or buying a home, an inspection is an essential step in the process. An undetected slab leak or damaged pipe can be a red flag for buyers, indicating possible mold growth, structural damage, or a poorly maintained home. For sellers, it’s wise to conduct a pre-inspection leak check to ensure no unpleasant surprises derail your sale. Likewise, buyers should be aware of the signs of water damage and insist on thorough water leak detection in Orangevale during the inspection phase. Addressing a major leak or small toilet leak before completing a property transaction can save both parties time and money, ensuring a fair deal.


Our kitchen drain was draining directly under the house creating a small lake of soap and mud. Several plumbers were called but all were a week or more out. We reached out to a lesser known company, Acknowledge Plumbing, and within a coupe of hours, we had a plumber on site and the problem resolved. It turns out some rodent(s) chewed through the coupling causing the discharge under the house. We are grateful to Acknowledge for their quick response, professional service, and friendly interaction.We are saving their number for any future plumbing problems that may arise. We were very satisfied with this company and highly recommend them to anyone with plumbing issues.

David Kistler

Citrus Heights, CA

Felix came out to work on my reverse osmosis system. It turned out I need new system but he was thorough, explained everything in detail, and was reasonably priced. I've already teed him up for my next plumbing project. I highly recommend Felix and the Acknowledge Plumbing team.

Brady Turner

Roseville, CA

Called Acknowledge Plumbing to fix an issue with my water pressure & piping. Steve came out the next day to provide a free estimate. He was very knowledgeable and provided some cost saving options to try before needing to do major work. Greatly appreciate the responsiveness & ability to act and respond in the best interest of the customer from this company. Definitely will give them a call for future plumbing needs.

Mark Messenger

Auburn, CA

We had an urgent need for help with our water heater on a holiday weekend (is was leaking and needed to be replaced). We were not optimistic that we would get anyone to answer a call, let alone make availability for a service call. Not only did Acknowledge Plumbing pick up the phone, but Savina was stellar in finding us a tech for the same day, and provided updates on her progress in near real time - this is highly unusual these days. Felix connected with us, discussed options for a new unit, procured it and arrived the same day. He was a pleasure to have so the work and got the whole project turned around that afternoon. They are at the top of our virtual Rolodex.

Kent Seymour

Folsom, CA

Do You Need Professional Water Leak Repair in Orangevale, CA?

At Acknowledge Plumbing, we specialize in detecting and resolving leaks efficiently, ensuring that your property is protected against the threats of hidden water damage. Detecting leaks early is the key to protecting your investment and maintaining the safety and comfort of your living or workspace. Contact us to schedule your leak detection service or water leak repair in Orangevale, California, or a surrounding community.


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